How to arrange

Work permit

1st step

The future employer applies for a permit to be able to employ a foreigner. 

The company must submit: 
     1. A job description of the position and the qualifications and experience required. 
     2. A signed form from the employer's representative. 
     3. Company registration information. 

The labour office will publish the job position for 30 days. If there is no suitable candidate found in the Czech Republic, the office will issue the permit to employ a foreigner for the position.

2nd step

The future employee applies for a work permit to be employed for the position. 

He/she must submit: 
     1. Company permit. 
     2. Notarised qualifications. 
     3. A photocopy of his/ her passport. 
     4. Signed application form. 
     5. 1 passport photo. 
     6. 500,-Kč stamp. 

The labour office has between 30 to 60 days to issue the work permit.

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