Administration Support

Does bureaucracy bother you?

We arrange everything for you. We give you a list of all the papers needed to get your document. We can personally arrange these papers if you wish, and we check that they are in order. Your only job is to receive your documents. 

We monitor the expiry dates of your documents and inform you ahead of time when to extend a licence or registration. We are continuously informed about changes in procedures, and we are in touch with state officials to ensure the smooth running of the bureaucratic process. 

You can take advantage of any of administration services as well as our personal documentation collection service, or just use our form completion service.

Our service includes:

- Work permits 
- Residence permits 
- Business Licence / Freelance 
- Car registration and technical approval 
- International certification and legalisation of all documents 
- Statement from Czech Commercial Registry 
- Statement from Business Licence office 
- Statements from social and tax office 
- Statements from property registry
 - Authorised translation into/from Czech 
- Marriage certificates 
- Birth certificates 
- Office registrations at "Zivnostensky" office 
- Assistance at other offices (police, unemployment office) 
- Form completion service 
- Documentation check

Czech Relocation


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