Relocation services

Are you looking for accommodation? Do you know which areas are the most pleasant and practical to live in?

We analyse your needs. We consider such conditions as transportation, neighbourhood facilities as well as your budget. Then we prepare a list of accommodation matching your needs and budget. We can introduce you to each area. We drive you to the viewings and can attend them with you. 

We represent you while negotiating the contract, getting secure conditions in your favour. We assist you in signing the contract, we check the inventory and help you on the move-in day. 

We also register the utilities in your name.

Don't want the hassle of choosing a suitable moving company?

We can provide a selection of moving companies with details of their prices and service, and we can also assist you in moving.

Have you just moved in?

We introduce you to your new neighborhood, with information about doctors, shopping, schools, transportation, sport and cultural facilities. We give you information about banks and we assist you in opening a bank account. We can also suggest things to do in your time and recommend opportunities to socialize. 

We help you with buying or renting furniture. 

Naturally, we can simultaneously translate for you, and answer your questions about the Czech Republic.

Don't know the local customs?

We provide intercultural training.

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